1st February 2021

Despite the cold, winter weather and limited time, Adam Raveney just can’t seem to put a foot wrong at the moment!

When you find a venue with winter form, it can be absolute bliss! While many places shut up shop in the winter, a select few come into their own, and it seems Adam Raveney has found one of these rare gems. His catch tally seems to be growing by the week, and despite being limited to day sessions, as we all are, he keeps racking up the fish.

This devastating boilie comprises of a staggering twenty-five different ingredients including a couple of little gems to which we attribute the bait’s immeasurable success.

Adam explains:

“Sometimes things just fall in your favour, and that’s just what happened to me recently when I had an unexpected opportunity for a last-minute day-session on the lake.

“I’d already been down to the lake that week, and unfortunately blanked on the few days fishing I had. But with this opportunity to get back, I knew it was too good to turn down. On arriving at the lake, I chose a different area than I fished earlier in the week. This time opting to fish further down the lake, in an area where I had a carp a few weeks previously.

“With only really having limited time, I went with a light baiting approach, just introducing a few catapults full of The Krill every now and then, almost like a match angler’s ‘little and often’ tactic. Over this, I fished boosted hookbaits and little PVA mesh bags of crumb and Bloodworm pellets, hoping to trigger some kind of a response.

“The first few hours passed quietly, and it was looking like another blank was on the cards. A short while later the wind picked up and a big raft of floating weed broke away and drifted right over my spot, this certainly changed my fortune and within an hour I had two bites!

“The first was an incredible carp, with dark leathery flanks and at a top weight of 35lb 14oz, which was shortly followed by another at the low-twenty mark. This could have easily been an opportunity missed, but it just goes to show sometimes it’s just worth getting the rods out how ever short the session.”