Dan Wildbore discusses the ins and outs of The Krill Active!

The Krill Active was initially formed in 2014, whilst fishing on the mighty Lac de St Cassien. We utilised extra liquids and powders to surround the bait, allowing it to release lots of attraction and food signals in a short space of time. Since then, we have kept it close to our chests and have only rolled it for special trips, where the results have always been mind-blowing. There is no doubt it makes a huge difference in comparison to a standard bait.

This bait is instant, packed with nutrition and the ultimate boilie in our eyes. The only time we planned to release a new fishmeal is if it betters what we already have and in this, we believe we have done this. Back in 2014, The Krill Active boilies were very time consuming to make, but over the years, with added investment and research, we have been able to make it in larger volumes, hence its release to the public.

Lac de St Cassien seemed to be the perfect place to put the first batches together. Tom knows the lake really well and we had a few weeks to get the batches ready. Tom is adamant that the fish in Cassien prefer fishmeal-based bait in comparison to anything else. The fish are wild and thrive on natural food larders, such as; mussels, snails and crayfish. Like all carp, they hunt by detecting certain amino acids which triggers them to feed – this was good to know when Tom began putting the first batch together.

Of course standard, out of the bag, Krill boilies work really well, but something with increased attraction and the perfect amino package was always going to get interest from the carp.

I can’t divulge too much detail as to the production process and the ingredients in this extremely impressive bait, but I can describe what it creates. We have the Krill boilie, with added liquid attractors pumped into the bait. Once the bait has this coating of liquid, powders are added to the process. Over time, the baits end up with a paste-wrapped coating which is absolutely packed with attraction.

The key to the attraction is the solubility of the powders and liquids as they all leak off and break down around the bait. When the baits hit the water and the attraction process begins, it leaves you with a pile of boilies surrounded by a carpet of powders and a liquid haze, really boosting the attraction of your area. The level of attraction that is created is totally unparalleled to anything that has been used in the bait world to date.

In this instance, attraction levels are not heightened by use of dextrose or pH changes, it is formed solely on amino acid compound, which is how the carp detects the food. If you change the pH of the water through the use of sugars and so on, yes, the carp will investigate as this is natural to them. However, if we create something that the carp detect due to a change in pH levels, they wouldn’t come back and keep feeding. This is why highly attractive fruit flavours work well on hookbaits, but not so well as free offerings.

The best way of attracting a carp into the swim is through amino acids and the Krill Active does this perfectly. The attraction brings everything to the party, including smaller fish; resulting in the frenzied feeding activity spreading the food signal further, enticing the carp to come and investigate. As soon as they are close, they are well aware of what is going on and therefore, begin to feed.

Underwater cameras have only confirmed what we thought was happening. Anyone who knows Cassien, will know that it is a hard lake to fish and it takes some preparation to make the most of a trip there, but we managed 15 bites the day before the cameras went in the lake, which is pretty unheard of! Every time we fished the place, we caught well, even just casting simple stringers 25 yards out.

Although Cassien is fished, it is classed by many as wild fishing. Carp that aren’t grossly over pressured and that behave and feed naturally. The results on there were always incredible and there is no doubt that the Active played a huge part in this. Both Tom and I caught one of if not the biggest mirror in the lake, once in the spring and on our return in the autumn, he caught the same one at over 67lb.

Aside from Cassien being the main testing ground, we have rolled this out to a few anglers when they have asked for it. We didn’t deliberately send it out to everyone to test, as we already knew the results of it. Still, the guys that did receive it enjoyed similarly mind-blowing results. It has been 8-years since the release of the Krill boilie and it has taken us this long to perfect it and make it available to all.