28th June 2021

Kenneth Wiessenberg lands the Netherlands’ most sought-after carp in the form of the Black Mirror at over 83lb!

The famous Black Mirror that swam in the mythical waters of The Mere was one of the most sought-after fish in the UK, and only ever appeared in a handful of anglers’ albums until it unfortunately died several years ago. Fish of that stature are rare creatures and although we haven’t since been graced with a fish of that magnitude in the UK, in the Netherlands, there’s a fish that carries the Black Mirror’s namesake, and, it’s over 30lb larger! Kenneth Wiessenberg was the lucky captor of the incredible beast this time round, putting an end to his campaign for the largest fish in the area.

Designed to replicate our outstanding Manilla boilies, these pop-ups are very user friendly and buoyant.

Kenneth takes up the story:

“Last May, I started hunting the largest known fish in the Netherlands, shortly after I caught the second in command on another water at 77lb-plus. During the first sessions on the water in question, I immediately managed to catch a mirror of just under 40lb, a very good start. I wasn’t able to fish during the summer due to crowds and other priorities, I only returned in September which was unfortunately unsuccessful. I also made another attempt late in November, but these were very quiet days without a sign of fish.

“This year, I decided to do things differently, I wanted to observe more and only unpack when the chances seemed perfect. I had discovered a pattern of the swimming route and responded tactically to it when choosing the right spot. On my first night, at the beginning of June, the Black Mirror was evident in my swim, but nothing materialised. I returned that week and came up with a different tactic and adjusted my baiting as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very well and had to postpone my session until the weekend.

“On Friday 18th June, I decided to go after work in the hope that the swim was free because it can be very busy on the lake. It was late when I arrived going into dusk, and at 9pm, I placed my rods with great confidence alongside the reeds, an area where I had seen the fish before. I also decided not to feed much because the fish is often only there for a few minutes and disappears again. My rigs were placed on the weed, which has often caught me fish on difficult waters. To give the best presentation, I used half a 16mm Manilla pop-up with a few handfuls of hemp around it, then hid the line in the weed along the bottom all the way back to the bank.

“This turned out to be the successful formula for me, as at 3:15am I received a bite. The line ran under a branch as I lifted the rod, which gave a weird feeling down the rod. I had no idea how big the fish was! Eventually the line pinged free and I was in direct contact, as the fish moved slowly but purposefully towards the reeds. I had no choice, I followed it, walking out into the lake until I saw it, The Black Mirror! Thankfully, the fish played out in open water for the rest of the fight, and went in the net the second time of asking. I was overcome with emotion!

“I walked with the fish to the shore and the realisation only dawns on me there and then. I had done it! That night I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed with the fish and informed my friends of the capture. A little later, a mate Kevin Diederen arrived who did the honours with the camera and helped me weigh the beast at over 83lb! He captured photos that I will remember for the rest of my life of this amazing Dutch fish. For me it is the best fish around now, it is not only mega long and heavy, but also in tip top condition, with the most incredible colour! What a carp!”