23rd April 2019

Terry Wood continues his success on the Linear Fisheries complex, with a 20 fish catch from St John’s Pool using products from The Krill range!

Linear Fisheries is without doubt one of the busiest and best venues out there, and no lake within its boundaries is more famous than the mighty St John’s Pool. Despite its high stock, the constant pressure from some of the best anglers in the country make the popular day ticket lake a challenging proposition. However, if you are willing to work at it, and put maximum effort in, the rewards are there to be reaped.

I decided to bait an area with 12mm Krill, hemp and corn, all soaked in Pure Krill Liquid.

Terry Wood is one such angler who has yielded the fruits of his labour on St John’s this Spring. During the course of a three-night session, Terry landed over 20 carp, with many over the 20lb mark, topped by a fish of 30lb 8oz. Reflecting on his memorable session, Terry revealed: “With a weekend ahead of me, plus a few days off work I headed to Linear for a few nights, hopeful I would get amongst some of the fish from Manor. I had a good walk round Manor, and it was really busy. I could’ve dropped in a peg where I had had previous hits from, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

“I headed over to St. John’s for a walk. I heard an awful lot of fish were holding up in the middle of the bowl. I decided to fish the road bank and in peg two, with the plan being to move into peg three once it became free. Setting up pretty late in the day, I only fished 2 rods on 7-8ft zigs in 9-10ft of water.

“That night I managed six bites; a lot of the smaller stock between 15-20lb. As the sun rose up, the middle of the day it was absolutely roasting, so I changed the depth of the zigs to just a few inches under the surface which produced four more fish to 30lb 8oz, which was a picture perfect linear!

“The weather was due to change, with a colder forecast ahead and the air pressure dropping. I decided to try for a bigger fish so I moved into peg three with more access into the middle of the bowl. I decided to bait an area with 12mm Krill, hemp and corn, all soaked in Cloudy Krill Liquid.

“I decided not to fish in the daytime and put the rods out around 5pm for the next two nights. My plan was to try and single out the bigger fish using Ronnies with a size 4 Thinking Anglers Curve Point, and a boom made from 25lb Tungskin. Baited with a 16mm Signature Pop-Up, and a tiny piece of putty, my rigs were balanced perfectly.

“Over the next two days I landed an average of four fish each morning between 5:30am and 8am. Unfortunately I never landed any of the larger residents, but it was a more than enjoyable session!”