23rd October 2020

Taylor Mortimer lands a ridiculous mirror whilst winding in his other rod, right at the end of his session!

Obviously without underwater cameras, such as in our Underwater Revelations film, you never quite know what is happening over your spot at any given time. How often do you think anglers wind in their rods, seconds before they would have gotten a bite? The saying sliding doors comes to mind here, as you never quite know how many opportunities have been squandered without that veritable crystal ball.

Thankfully, Taylor Mortimer had luck on his side during a session on Brooksway Syndicate having landed this insane looking mirror of 39lb 8oz right at the end of his overnight session.

A mix of Krill items were Taylor's go-to for his session on Brooksway syndicate.

He revealed:

“After a very quiet night with no action, I went to reel in my rods. I picked up the left-hander and started winding it in off the spot, a little disheartened my overnighter hadn’t paid off. With the rig skipping across the surface, my right hand rod tightened up and the rod bucked in the rest, as I was fishing locked up to some snags.

“I dropped the rod in my hands, picked up the other one and leant into a big weight on the end, which rose in the water quite quickly. There was some weed up to the surface in between the fish, and myself but I managed to walk back in the swim and guide it through quite easily. It was at this point I noticed it was a big fish! One of the boys from the syndicate made his way up the bank and saw I was into a fish, he grabbed the net and it went over the net cord first time. We both erupted as we realised it was a fish known as the Half Lin which is the king of the pond and as it happened was my first UK 30!

“I landed the fish on a Krill Dumbell wafter fished over a mix of Krill pellets coated in Cloudy Krill liquid. I was absolutely buzzing!”