15th January 2021

Scott Sweetman uses his limited time wisely, resulting in a couple of winter crackers!

With limited time, carp fishing can seem a daunting task in the winter. But, with good watercraft and a trusted rig and baiting approach, the results are there to be had as, Scott Sweetman recently found out.

Carp find their food by detecting amino acids in the water and this bait pumps them out like nothing else on the market.

Scott explained:

“I arrived at the tricky club lake around 12:30pm and set about on a lap of the lake. There was a strong NE wind blowing into the first bank I came to, and after climbing a few trees to my surprise I could see a few fish milling around on the end of the bitterly cold wind.

“With my mind made up, I grabbed my gear. I decided to flick the rod down the margin to the area I’d seen the fish in, this was followed by a small scattering of 12mm Krill Active boilies around the rig. Within the hour the rod wrapped around, and I soon had my first fish of the year in the net from this fairly tricky lake, a deep-bodied mirror of 28lbs 8oz and for only four hours fishing, a right old result.

“After the result the previous day, I was keen to get back in the same swim as I had put a bit of bait out as I left, hoping that the fish would have stayed put, eating it through the night. I climbed the trees and straight away found a couple of fish were still hanging around in the area! Things were looking good for another quick bite, and with a rod quickly cast to the spot and a little scattering of 12mm Krill Active over the top, it was a waiting game.

“I didn’t have to wait long, after about an hour, the rod wrapped around again. On this occasion it was another dumpy mirror of 24lbs 10oz. Both of the fish fell to a simple IQ D-rig baited with a Krill White One wafter.”