3rd December 2020

Matthew Foreshaw continues where he left off on his syndicate with yet another thirty.

The Krill Active is incredibly successful right through the year, and if your venue responds well to fishmeal type baits then it could be worth sticking with it for your upcoming winter campaign. Matthew Foreshaw has stuck with it even when the temperatures have dropped over the last couple of weeks, and it produced another great session for him very recently.

These Fluoro hookbaits really stand-out and offer a perfect blend of both instant and prolonged attraction thanks to a unique blend of liquid flavours and powdered fruit palatants.

Matthew explains:

“After my last session going so well, I was keen to get back down to my winter syndicate. This time around though, I could only do an overnighter and I wanted to make my time count, so after a good look about I soon located the fish. I wasted no time at all getting my gear and finding an area to fish. Luckily, I managed to locate a fishable spot with minimal disturbance and opted to place all three rods on it as it was quite a large area.

“I made the decision to bait quite heavily, again I was using The Krill Active, and for the mix I used 3kg of boilies, combined with lots of sweet corn. This was all soaked in the Cloudy Krill Liquid for extra attraction. Rig wise, I fished three hinges over the top, these all had yellow 16mm Mulbz Pop-Ups on.

“I got everything done just before dark. By this point a good friend of mine had arrived and we sat and had a little social. Not long after we’d had dinner, my middle rod was away! I was a little in shock and couldn’t believe that it had happened so quick.

“On picking up the rod, the fish felt big and gave me a good hard fight. After a 15-minute battle and with help from my good friend, we managed to get him in the net. I was shocked at the size of the fish as this particular lake isn’t famous for its big commons.

“So, as you can imagine, I was pretty made up when he tipped the scales round too 30lb 4oz, and I believe this is the second biggest common in the lake, so it’s another one ticked off the list and my 3rd 30-pounder in 3 nights on the water. The rest of the night was quiet but come first light, I had another bite which turned out to be a small common of around 17lbs, this capped off another very productive trip.”