18th September 2019

Tom Clark lands one of Lincolnshire’s finest and rarest carp, the stunning chestnut-coloured common known as “Cut Tail” at 42lb 6oz.

After a month or so of hard work, prepping an area of a low-stock Lincolnshire pit, it all came good for Tom Clark, during a spur of the moment, opportunist overnighter where he banked a carp he so dearly wanted to catch!

Tom relayed the story:

“The spot was primed and ready for the Autumn, it had been turned over the week previous but unfortunately nothing happened on my weekly overnighter. I gave the spot a hit of bait before I left as I was booked in on a job away from home for 12 days so I knew I wouldn’t be back for a few weeks.

“However, luckily for me, the job got put back a few days after starting it, so I arrived home early and at the first chance I got, I was straight back down to the pond. Everything went smoothly on the setup and the rods were dropped back into position with little hassle, a few handfuls of crushed up Manilla and nuts followed, the trap was set.

Tom Clark couldn't believe his luck during this spur of the moment overnighter using Manilla!

“The night passed uneventfully but as always, I was up before first light with the kettle on and underwent the morning observation. Under the trees, I noticed the odd bubble popping on the surface over the spot, the resident coots were in the vicinity but kept clear of the zone that morning indicating something could well be lurking beneath the surface! After twenty minutes or so the odd bubble turned into small patches of fizz giving me the confidence, they were definitely on me!

“After what seemed an age, I noticed the line on that rod twitch, ever so slightly and started cutting up through the water pulling tight, but before the Neville had time to sing its tune, I was in contact with the fish. It hit the surface early on in the fight and as soon as I saw that big black head followed by a rather large dark brown body, I knew what I was attached to.

“At first, she came in steadily, playing the game but she knew what she was doing, twenty yards out she surfaced, filling me with a false sense of hope, only to dive back down, stripping line at a rate of knots. This continued for another ten minutes or so and I just couldn’t get her up out of the deep water, luckily Kieran, who was fishing on the opposite bank, had run round thinking the fish was weeded as it had been sometime since I hooked her!

“Eventually after some continued pressure and a few tense moments, Kieran managed to scoop up the fish that had become an obsession for me. Reality then began to set in as we both stood in awe looking down into the net at one of the best-looking commons I’ve ever seen. Another mate who was fishing the lake that morning, Ben, rowed over to share the moment and lend a helping hand. A phone call was then made to my old mate Steve, who was soon on his way to do the shots; a wonderful morning spent with a great set of lads all in awe of one mighty fine common carp! Long live that big carp buzz.”