12th January 2021

Targeting a local venue produces the goods for Adam Raveney.

Following the Angling Trust lobbying the government into allowing angling in England throughout lockdown, many anglers are making the most of their local venues to comply with the strict rules. Adam Raveney is one of the lucky anglers who has access to a fantastic fishery in his local area, and he took full advantage, to get his year off to a flying start.

The Krill Boilies are tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source.

Adam revealed:

“Like every other angler in the country, I was over the moon when the Angling Trust announced that angling could continue, even if it was just day sessions only in your local area.

“I’m one of the lucky ones who has local fishing, and I couldn’t wait to get out and it wasn’t long before I was setting off for my first day session of the year. Unfortunately, that first day resulted in my first blank of the year. However, I baited up an area of the lake with about 2kg of The Krill, where I had seen some fish activity before I left that afternoon.

“I returned the following morning, and the conditions didn’t look great with sub-zero temperatures and freezing fog. Despite this, I decided to put the two rods and a light scattering of Krill over the area I had baited the day before, in the hope something may have visited the spots though the night.

“I did see a few fish that morning, but in an area away from where I was fishing. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when a few hours later, one of my rods on the baited area absolutely tore off. Eventually, after a bit of a scrap my first fish of the year and a mountain of weed was in the net.  I was buzzing and it was a lovely fish too. Nothing else happened that day but what a belter to start the year.”