24th May 2021

Ryan Richardson gets to grips with a large Cheshire sand pit, resulting in a trio of thirties!

Cheshire is steeped in carp fishing history, from the large, expansive sandpits to intimate meres, there’s a wide range of venues for any budding angler to pit their wits. The former of which have a reputation for being tricky at the best of times, with the deep, clear water proving a great adversary, aiding the illusiveness of the carp within them. Ryan Richardson decided to tackle one of these famous venues recently, and was rewarded with not one, not two, but three Cheshire thirties in a 48-hour session.

Each bait still contains the perfect levels of milk and birdfood proteins, as well as the divine Madagascan vanilla extract and peanut protein that Manilla is famous for.

Ryan revealed:

“After starting on a 45-acre Cheshire sand pit just over a month ago, I ventured into my fourth 48-hour session. Most of the bites from around the lake have come to adjustable Zigs and singles, but I decided to try and get a bit of bait going in on a spot regularly for when they started to get on it.

“Three weeks ago, I managed to get two full buckets of mixed Krill and Manilla Active, along with hemp and nuts out on a spot long and fished it for the weekend but with no joy. I had a nightmare with my van, so I wasn’t able to get back down till this week and luckily, the swim that I baited was free. I got two rods straight out long on the spot, armed with white Mulbz pop-ups, with half a bucket of bait over the top. After hearing of a couple of fish coming out to Zigs, I was sat there thinking I was doing the wrong thing!

“After a lifeless morning, I decided to get back in the bag for a nap, by 11am I got woken up to my middle rod just hovering off the alarms, absolutely churning. I slipped into the waders and before I knew it, I had the biggest fish in the lake sat in the bottom of my net! Not the fish I was hoping for but the lake’s biggest resident at 39lb 8oz, I was still very happy!

“Following the success, I chilled out for a bit and got another half a bucket out, with two fresh rigs back in the zone. The following morning couldn’t have gone any better, after a lovely big BBQ to celebrate the big un, I managed a brace of 30lb commons. It was a mega result, and it goes to show that getting the bait in can make all the difference!