28th January 2021

Jack Lamb makes the most of his short session, latching into a first right at the death!

Like everyone else who is able to fish at the moment, Jack Lamb was up against it on his most recent session. Not only did he have to contend with the far from perfect weather, but he also only had six hours fishing time, could he made it happen?

Mulbz are based on an all-time classic flavour combination, accountable for singling out some of the UK’s largest carp.

Jack revealed:

“As always, I was eager to get out fishing and once I arrived at the lake in the morning, my first plan was to do a lap to try and find where the fish were holding up.

“After a short walk, I noticed a fish show in open water, the show was in an area which usually has good winter form! This was all I needed, and I was soon heading back to the car to grab my gear. Once back in the swim, I decided to fish three single hookbaits; 12mm white Mulbz pop-ups presented on Stiff Hinge rigs. These were cast to the open water around where I’d seen the fish show earlier. I was hoping this would get me a quick bite with the limited amount of time I had.

“A few hours passed, and nothing had happened which surprised me as it really did look good for one.  I could see the whole of the lake from my swim, and after not seeing anything else show throughout the day, I just stayed put and hoped that there were still fish in the zone.

“As time drifted away, it looked like my chance of a bite had too. But just as I started to pack up my gear, one of the rods pulled up tight, indicating a bite, and after a good battle, I slipped the net under a chunky, 29lb 11oz mirror. I was absolutely buzzing, what a result for just 6-hours fishing.”