21st April 2022

Aiden Sharpe slips his net under his first forty in the form of The Quarry’s Bomb Head at 46lb 2oz!

The county of Essex is plush with large carp and has had a pedigree for producing some incredible fish in its time. One of the more famous venues to feature in the angling news back in the day was The Quarry, which held some magnificent old carp. Unfortunately, time caught up with a fair few of its residents and the venue fell on the back burner for a couple of years but it seems to be heading back to its former glory these days, as Aiden Sharpe found out on a recent overnight trip.

Designed to replicate our outstanding Manilla boilies, these pop-ups have been designed to be very user friendly and buoyant.

Aiden said:

“Upon arrival late in the afternoon, I stumbled upon a few fish sitting in a snag, with just a night at my disposal, I grabbed the kit and headed straight to the nearest swim. Not wanting to cause a massive amount of disturbance to the fish, I opted to fish just off them to the side of an island near the snaggy bush. Being still early in the year, I fished two Manilla 14mm pop-ups on stiff hinge rigs as singles and placed them at either end of the snag so I could catch the fish as they moved in or out.

“While setting up the rest of my gear and getting settled in for the night, the rod closest to the fish burst into life. I could tell straight away it wasn’t a small one as a slow but purposeful weight plodded up and down on a tight line. The fish fought hard, and I was not surprised when a huge deep-bodied mirror appeared in the margins. She was soon swallowed up by my waiting net and I instantly recognised it as a fish known as Bomb Head, which hadn’t been caught since July the previous year. On the scales she went 46lb 2oz which made it my first UK forty, I was over the moon!”