11th December 2020

Jack Lamb’s catches are incredibly consistent, and his form has continued into the colder months using our bait!

Consistency is the key to success in most areas of carp fishing, and one man that’s been very consistent this year is, Jack Lamb. There aren’t many weeks that pass without a catch report or two landing in our inbox and his latest result is certainly worth a look, as he landed one of his target venue’s largest residents.

The Manilla is the ultimate in year-round boilies; using not only nuts but refined milk proteins and birdfoods.

Jack explains:

“With the light fading rapidly at this time of year, I arrived at the lake in the dark and it soon became apparent I was the only person on the lake. This was perfect and gave me the opportunity to have a walk round, listening for shows or any signs of fish.

“The walk was a quiet one; I didn’t hear anything showing. So, I decided to go off prior knowledge and set up in a swim where I saw them showing and holding up the week before, it’s a great area too, as it also commands a lot of water.

“Once in the swim and with my gear sorted, I deployed three stiff hinge rigs, armed with 14mm white Mulbz Pop-Ups into an open water, silty area. Over this I spread a dozen, 12mm shelf-life Manilla boilies over each rod with the catapult. I decided to fish with fluorocarbon and slack lines because of how clear the water had become. This proved to be the winning method, when after only a couple of hours of the rods being out, one burst into life, and shortly after I slipped the net under one of the lake’s big commons at 31lb 14oz. I was buzzing!

“After slipping back the big common, I got the rod back out and in position, quicky followed by another twelve baits over the top with a catapult. I could hear them showing in the area, but the rest of the night passed by uneventfully.

“I woke up at first light and saw a few fish showing in front of me in the open water where I was fishing, so I knew that the fish were in the area. I was receiving liners on my right-hand rod, it just looked so good for another one. I didn’t have to wait long as it soon indicated a bite! After another great fight, I soon had another lovely common in the net, and at 23lb 7oz it was a great way to cap off the session.”