21st June 2021

Charlie Ferris makes the effort to rake an entire area of weed and is rewarded with a mega common.

It’s always satisfying when the extra effort we go to in angling is rewarded with a capture. Whether that’s a long pre-baiting campaign, moving swims several times or even going to the effort of creating your own spot. It was the latter that saw Charlie Ferris taste the sweet taste of success recently, as he rakes an area of weed to allow him to fish successfully.

The extra super soluble liquids and powders that surround the boilie, creating a paste like coating which releases attraction instantaneously.

Charlie said:

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to fish as I really thought the fish would be spawning, this was the latest they had ever held off! My boss was a bit of a legend and let me take the Friday off with only a couple of days’ notice, which allowed me to have three nights for what would probably be my last trip for a month or so.

“I set off very early (1:30am) to make sure I was down there at first light so I could see what was going on. I had a plan in my head all that week where the fish might be, so I barrowed the gear round and as soon as it was light my plan was looking good as I saw five fish bosh out right where I thought they would be. I let them do their thing for a few hours as I went to see some of the boys for a few cups of tea and to see what else was happening around the pond.

“I knew my plan might involve a weed rake if the fish were where I thought they might be, so I made sure it was on the barrow. I went out in the boat and dropped a few H blocks where they were showing and as I was doing this, I could see quite a few decent fish in the tall eelgrass weed. I positioned my H blocks just in front of that because of what I saw that morning. With the two H blocks around 2m apart, I began to rake the weed to clear a nice area that I could present one rod on. After a good 5-6 hours of clearing, as it was that high and thick, I was happy with how the rigs would be presented. I got the rod out perfect; I couldn’t have been happier with it. I opted for a Mulbz pop-up on a Hinge rig, over which I baited with Krill Active and Bloodworm Pellets soaked in Pure Calanus liquid.

“With enough bait over the top to get me a bite, the trap was set. At around 7pm that evening I was dead to the world, after leaving very early and raking weed all day I needed to get my head down hoping the carp would turn up in the hours of darkness.

“I was right too, as during the night, the middle rod indicated a couple of beeps and it was out the clip and game on. After a hard battle as it was tried to do me around the buoys it slipped over the net. It was a lovely 31lb 8oz common and to say I was buzzing was an understatement after all the effort that day. Unfortunately, nothing else happened that trip as the weather changed and the fish were being a bit weird, before they decided to spawn.”