10th January 2020

Jonny Fletch makes the most of his fruitful mornings throughout the festive period, culminating in a new lake record!

Fishing around the festive period is always a tricky one, time is of the essence. Jonny Fletch took advantage of his limited time, by pre-baiting an easily accessible swim following his recent leg break, which proved incredibly productive. Using the currently under test, Manilla Active, he notched up an impressive tally of fish topped by a new lake record of 35lb 10oz.

Jonny Fletch makes the most of his mornings throughout the festive period, culminating in a new lake record!

He revealed:

“After having some time off, due to breaking my leg, I was itching to get back on the bank over the festive period. Seen as my leg wasn’t up to full strength, I decided to fish short sessions on the smaller lake at my syndicate complex. I could park my car nice and close, which made baiting missions and setting up easy.

“I decided to bait a silty area with a mixture of Manilla Active and standard Manilla freebies from mid-December, with my intention being to fish throughout the holiday season. I arrived for my first session the morning after I finished work for Christmas. It was clear the area was much cleaner than before I baited it, so confidence was high!

“I received my first bite at around mid-morning from a lovely mid-twenty common, which certainly boosted my confidence. I left at midday, but I made sure I baited up before I left. I managed one more session before Christmas, but this resulted in a lost fish, however it did mean the fish were still visiting the area.

“Come Boxing Day, I headed back down at around 11pm, for a slightly longer session, which resulted in two fish the next morning. I continued my run of luck into the next session, and I felt I was building towards a better fish. Thankfully, this came on my very next trip.

“I got down a little earlier that day and soon had a 20lb mirror in the net, when just 10 minutes later, I was away again! This time I knew it was a better one, and sure enough a big mirror popped up and slid over the net cord! It turned out to be a fish known as Finger Prints at a new lake record weight of 35lb 10oz. I was buzzing with that one, and soon got it slipped back. I ended up having a 27-pounder that session too, so it was certainly worth the few hours I put in.

“Throughout the rest of the holidays, I had at least a bite every trip, if not a fish or two. I even managed to land another thirty of 34lb 14oz, which made a great end to my festive period of angling.”