23rd March 2021

Stuart Garwood continues his fine run of form, with some more wonderful fish coming at first light during a recent morning session.

For the anglers who fish work overnighters these past couple of months will have been hard work with nights being off the table. To fish before work would either require a very understanding boss or some serious effort in a very short time window. The latter was Stuart Garwood’s choice, as he rocked up to his venue of choice just before first light, with the cut off for work being 8:30am. Quite spectacularly, he managed to land four fish in that time, all of which were incredibly unique characters.

The instant attraction of Manilla comes from a completely natural, pure Madagascan vanilla extract that will not only result in quicker bites but also make you want to eat the whole bag yourself!

Stuart explains:

“Over the last month or so, I have really been putting in the extra effort on my short session fishing and the results have really started to show.  With this in my mind, I was very keen to get back down for another go.

“With only a single morning at my disposal this week, I felt it was still definitely worth it. With this in mind, I was up early and super keen to get to the lake for first light, to hopefully slip up a carp before having to go to work.

“To my utter disbelief, I managed four-fish by 8:30am, allowing me to get home and be ready for work by 09:00!

“No Rosie on this occasion unfortunately, but I did manage a low-twenty mirror that I didn’t even know existed, so that’s was a nice surprise.  It’s one of the newer generation of fish but if that’s the future for the fishery, I’ll happily embrace it. The other three were commons from mid-doubles, to scraper twenties.

“Regular pre-baiting with Manilla, casters, particles and frozen bloodworm seems to be keeping the fish visiting the zones, and there are no real signs of the spots drying up.

“I had planned to pull off this pit this week but with the announcement of nights confirmed to return on the 29th of this month, I have decided to see the days only out on the current one to see if it will throw up any more surprises.  The water has been very kind to me over the last few months and there’s still a handful of fish I’d love to have in the album.”