20th July 2021

Sam Verstreken ends his spring campaign with a brace of lovely Belgian carp, topped by a mid-forty, using our Krill & Manilla Active boilies.

Spawning seems to have been a hot topic in the K scene this year, with temperatures fluctuating up and down, many lakes have seen prolonged spawning periods and a fair few mortalities as a result. It’s always a stressful time of year, but if you manage to time your sessions right, there’re still some opportunities to be had. Sam Verstreken seems to have a knack of pinpointing the notoriously tricky Belgian carp despite their time of the year looming, and it came as no surprise he finished his spring campaign off with a bang.

Mulbz are based on an all-time classic flavour combination, accountable for singling out some of the UK’s largest carp.

Sam revealed:

“I really wanted to give it another go on the Belgian pit that I was targeting before spawning started. Seeing the results of recent weeks and the weather that finally looked better, my motivation was sky high.

“Upon arrival at the lake, I decided to fish a swim where I’d caught a couple the week before and where I expected the fish would turn up. Confidence was high but surprisingly it stayed quiet that night and the following morning. It was a sign for me to pack up and start searching for another spot! On the opposite side of the lake, there was a bit of activity, which was more than I had seen all morning, so I decided to give it a go. With all rods in position, it really felt good for a bite!

“All stayed quiet that evening but in the middle of the night, I got a vicious take on one of my rods. It immediately felt like a strong fish and the fight was really demanding. After a while I saw the fish for the first time and it looked like yet another big one! A few moments later it was in the net and the scales confirmed my suspicion, as the big mirror weighed in at 44lb 15oz!

“After positioning the rod again, I had a hard time falling asleep. Just as my eyes started to lose the battle, I had another take on the same rod. This time the fight went much smoother and after a short time, I was able to put my landing net under a very nicely coloured common. At 35lb 5oz it turned out to be another lovely fish! What a great session and what fantastic end to my spring!