18th June 2021

Courtney Pody takes advantage of a last-minute trip to the famous Rainbow Lake in France, where he banks a 70-pounder!

French venues don’t often resonate as much as the incredibly unique Rainbow Lake, there’s no doubt it has captured the hearts of many anglers over the years. Opportunities to fish the famous venue are rare at the best of times, and there aren’t many people out there who would refuse a trip. Courtney Pody was lucky enough to be offered a last-minute chance to fish the historic venue and jumped at the chance, despite the lack of time to prepare!

The extra super soluble liquids and powders that surround the boilie, creating a paste like coating which releases attraction instantaneously.

Courtney continues the story:

“After being invited on a last-minute trip, I didn’t have lots of time to get prepared, but having fished there before, I had all I needed! Thankfully, I managed to order my Krill Active in 20 and 24mm for the session and was super confident the fish would love it over there.

“Following the mammoth set up and getting everything ready, I managed to get two rods out for the first night, but I didn’t feel very confident with rushing the rods. I had enough by then though and we sat back with a needed beer!

“That night I had a few bleeps on one of my rods, fishing tight to a snag I was on the rod instantly. Sadly, I lost that fish to a sunken bar that was smothered in tree roots! Anyway, I got the rod back on the money and early the following morning that same rod was away again, this time I got straight into the boat to steer the fish away from the danger zone! After an epic battle in the deep water, she was mine.

“I knew it was a good fish but in the dark water it was hard to see the true size. I collapsed the net, rolled it up and headed back to the bank. Once back at the bank with my mate Scott holding the fish safely, we realised it was one of Rainbow’s giants! Sure enough, I was left totally blown away when the scales bumped round to 71lb 8oz; that was my trip made!

“The lake had been fishing slow with hot weather and high pressure but I continued to catch a few more all on the same rod, until mid-week when the bites just stopped. Either way I was totally made up with what I had caught. I managed four fish including a PB common of 62lb 12oz that’s taken me a long time to beat! As well as a u unique scaley mirror of 54lb 14oz and a smaller mirror of 46lb 8oz.

“Due to lots of anglers not travelling with all the Covid tests required, we were offered another week in a new swim, we jumped at the chance! As some will know, getting trips on Rainbow can be few and far between, so we were buzzing to be able to stay on. The week was slow, but I still managed a few bites which was great! I ended up with five fish with 3 being thirties, a 54lb 14oz mirror and a lovely, golden torpedo common of 37lb 4oz that deserved a picture.

“Overall it was a fantastic trip with great company, Rainbow lake is a magical place and in my eye the most epic and exciting place I’ve ever fished!”