15th March 2021

Stuart Garwood has made his lockdown day sessions count, with a reward of some mega carp falling to his rods in a limited timeframe!

Fishing days only takes a fair amount of preparation and determination, especially in the colder months, which puts a lot of anglers off. However, one man that has had some incredible action over the last few months is, Stuart Garwood. Fishing a clearly very special venue, with some incredibly unique carp present, Stuart has worked his way steadily through the stock and it doesn’t seem like he is going to stop anytime soon!

The instant attraction of Manilla comes from a completely natural, pure Madagascan vanilla extract that will not only result in quicker bites but also make you want to eat the whole bag yourself!

Stuart explains:

“I’d been keeping a close eye on the incoming weather, and it looked good, in fact really good, winds of over 40mph; it just screamed carp. The weather was looking to hit the UK around Thursday, so my aim was to be there for a full day session to hopefully capitalise on weather front.

“After arriving at the lake, the weatherman had certainly got it right and the wind was blowing, and it just looked bang on for it. The rods went out to their zones along with 12mm Manilla Shelf Life and casters, along with some other particles, all perfect, by 8:50am, I’d had four-fish, and lost one! It was none-stop. Within this mad flurry of action, I banked a lovely carp known as Patch, which went 24lb-plus, a stunning low-twenty common and two smaller ones.

“For the rest of the day, I might as well have not bothered, as it was like a switch had been pressed and it just went dead, with just a tench at dusk to show for my efforts.  Either way it was a successful day’s fishing

“This week, I’m going to get a couple of morning trips in to see if I can slip that last one up, a carp called Rosie, one I’d dearly love in my album before I move onto the other lake on the complex, which has seen a bit of bait in the last couple of weeks, so watch this space.”