19th February 2021

Davy Claus and Brecht Ramon hit top form in their winter campaign!

Fishing day only sessions has been a restriction us Brits have had to get used to over the last couple of months, however for Brecht Ramon and Davy Claus it is par for the course! Targeting a large Belgian venue, the pair have been steadily ticking off some incredible carp. Brecht managed to land a lovely 41lb mirror recently, while Davy has hit the ground running with a trio of fish: a 45lb leather, a 49lb common and an incredible 53lb mirror.

Carp find their food by detecting amino acids in the water and this bait pumps them out like nothing else on the market.

Davy revealed:

“The single session we had back in early winter, soon became a campaign and we haven’t looked back since! Blessed with mild weather, we kept both the Krill and Manilla Active trickling in over our spots and have fallen very lucky. We have of course had to suffer some blank sessions, but the ultimate prize is still out there and until we meet it, we aren’t going to stop!

“Although the mirror was the biggest fish between us, the common was the one that gave me the biggest thrill. The lake has a very big common in there and of course we would both dearly love to catch it! So, when I got a bite and entered into a tense battle with a big fish, like always, my heart was racing. This wasn’t made any better, when I saw a large flank of common scales, circling close in, ready for the net! Could it have been my target fish of several years? Alas it wasn’t to be, but it was still a huge fish all the same. It only makes us want to try even harder, to hopefully, finally cross paths with the queen of the pond!

“We have found baiting with a mixture of boilies to be a real key, but also have added the Pure Calanus Liquid to our armoury. The carp seem to really like it, and hopefully it will help trip up the big one sooner rather than later!”