The autumn is a very good time to be out on the bank, but it can be unforgiving at times. Cooling water temperatures can certainly work both in and out of your favour, but one thing’s for sure, if you get your baiting approach right, it is one less variable to worry about.

I tend to target the silty areas when it comes to autumn, as they are often that little bit deeper than gravel areas. As a result, I like to use a mix that includes a lot of small food items. Not only are they easy to digest for the carp as their digestive system begins to slow down but they also keep them in the area for longer periods of time. As they dig through the silt, they continue to bury the small particles, which makes them hunt the bait out even more. If I was to just use whole boilies, you wouldn’t achieve this effect.

My mix I based around simple, readily available ingredients. I use the Krill Active but keep the vast majority of it crushed up with only a few whole baits in the mix. I add a small amount of the famous Bloodworm Pellets, along with a healthy amount of hemp and sweetcorn. It’s important to note I use the liquid in both the hemp and sweetcorn in my mix as the main form of moisture. Not only does this liquid have awesome attractive properties, but it also helps to combine the mix together. With the amount of boilie crumb and the powders from the Krill Active coating, it is important to make them damp, in order for them to reach the bottom without spreading too much in any undertow that might be present.

Other than the liquids contained within the hemp and corn, the only other one I add is Pure Calanus. I trust this liquid to breakdown quickly and offer instant attraction around my baited spot. Even in the coldest of temperatures, Pure Calanus will not congeal, and will always work for you, unlike some other liquids, which are made for much warmer water temperatures.



Add some whole boilies and some crushed Krill Active to a bucket.


Introduce a small amount of sweetcorn for a fleck of colour.


Add a few handfuls of Bloodworm Pellets to the bucket.


Mix a jar of Hemp into your bucket.


Followed by a small amount of Pure Calanus Liquid.


Mix together to leave you with an incredibly attractive mix!

In terms of the rig end of the equation, I have been playing around with a pop-up rig which sits beautifully over a silty lakebed. I tend to couple this with a match-the-hatch hookbait; a standard Krill Pop-Up. The only thing I add to my hookbaits is a dip in the matching Krill Glug and a light coating of GLM Powder. This helps the hookbait stand out, without being a blatantly different colour to the rest of the bait. The only time I would use something brighter, such as a Mulbz Pop-Up, would be if I was fishing over a very small amount of bait, trying to nick a bite, rather than building a swim up for a hit of fish.

Over that last few weeks this exact mix has accounted for some mega fish to over 40lb, and included in that were several multiple fish hits. It really does get the fish grubbing around and evokes an incredibly aggressive feeding response.