26th August 2021

Daniel Smith smashes his first social trip to Ashmead after the lake’s four-week spawning period.

Socials are a must in this day and age, especially after not being able to socialise for such a long-time, and a post spawning social seemed like the perfect excuse for a few days on the lake for Daniel Smith and his friends. With just seven anglers fishing at any given time, Ashmead Lake gives you the freedom to fish in an environment rich in wildlife. Taking the beautiful 17-acre wetlands of the famous Ashmead Fishery by storm, Daniel was fortunate enough to have six-fish during his five-day session.

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Daniel revealed:

“With this being the opening week on the lake after a four-week shutdown due to spawning, the guys and I hoped we’d be in luck, but we knew we’d have to suss the lake out after so little action for such a period. I decided to fish the north side of a bay called, Goat Willow which is situated in the centre of the fishery. As I had booked the whole lake out for myself and my friends, I knew we’d be able to work together to get the most from the notoriously tricky venue.

“I chose not to be too eager with this session and take my time understanding the lake situation and my spot. As soon as I had my baring’s, I decided to spend the afternoon wading and clearing the area in order to aid my line lay; although I knew this would help increase my chances of catching, it still had the downside of too much disturbance to the swim initially.

“The Krill Freezer boilies are always my go-to bait and are perfect for Ashmead – the fish can’t get enough of the potency and natural flavours! I baited heavily, over a wide area to try and avoid my area looking so blatant; however, I knew that I would have to wait a couple of days for things to settle after all the disturbance I had made.

“Eventually the fish started to creep back into my swim and a bite looked promising. I fished a Krill Tuff One soaked in Pure Calanus Liquid at a 20-yards range over a silty area. It was just waiting for time to tell how successful we would be.

“With everything in place and the perfect weather conditions, everything was on my side. I managed to net five mega carp over the 6-day period, and I couldn’t have hoped for any better. Starting at 12lb, the fish continually increased in size, I ended with this incredible 40lb 8oz common which was full of character and one of my favourite captures to date. Every part of this session had aligned, and I was in my element – what a carp!”