7th July 2020

Despite the busy banks, Robert Gibson managed a ten fish hit from Bluebell on the new Krill Active and Mulbz, after squeezing himself in on Swan Lake.

Fishing on day ticket venues can be a bit of a perilous task, especially in the current situation! It seems many anglers have taken advantage of a bit of extra free time, and quite a few have opted to fish day ticket venues. As a result, these venues have been busier than ever over the last few weeks/months. Getting a good swim and reaping the rewards is therefore a much harder task than usual!

This didn’t put off Robert Gibson though, as he made the long drive down to the Bluebell complex for a weekend session. Despite having to drop between anglers on an incredibly busy complex, he managed to have an incredible session.

He revealed:

“I arrived on the Friday night, a three-hour drive after work, which is a bit of a trek for a short session, but you’ve got to make the effort if you want the rewards. After the gates opened on Saturday, I couldn’t get a swim I wanted, which I did expect as the venue was incredibly busy since lockdown. I dropped into an unfavourable peg, and after noticing tench spawning in the margins, I waited until dark to lower rigs amongst the spawn, as I knew the carp liked to come in and feed on it. This method brought me my first thirty of the trip, along with a handful of twenties which I slipped back during the night.

"After a few more helpings of the Krill Active and Cloudy Krill, my session changed from a good one to an unbelievable one!"

“At first light, I noticed a more favourable swim was free and after a quick check on the weather app, it was apparent the wind was due to swing later that day, so I quickly packed up to ensure I got around there first, before others noticed. The plan was to find a suitable area out in front in anticipation for the weather. I found a really hard spot at around 85 yards, and despite my confidence being up, the first night passed uneventfully. This is where I made a slight change to come away from the harder spot, and find a siltier area just off of it. I also fished a more potent hookbait which in this case was one of the yellow Myles Gibson’s Mulbz. These really are strong smelling, and perfect for presenting on silty spots.

“After a few more helpings of the Krill Active and Cloudy Krill, my session changed from a good one to an unbelievable one! I ended up with ten fish altogether, with both a common and a mirror being over the magical forty-pound mark, as well as numerous thirties to go with them. After thinking I may have potentially wasted a long journey to Peterborough, I never thought I’d be packing away that session with the fish I had!”