OCCUPATION: Angling Journalist and Tutor

Adam Penning has over 30 years’ angling experience, and has been in the trade for a number of years. Being one of the sport’s most popular figures, he regularly appears in magazines and on the television.

As well as his media commitments, Adam spends most of the week tutoring others. Aside from his busy work life, big, old and characterful carp are what keeps his fishing so passionate, and he has caught some wonderful carp.

The Coconut Common – 52lb 1oz

51lb 14oz


Q. Favourite venue past and present?
A. Wraysbury (as it was, not as it is now which bears no resemblance!)

Q. If you could catch one carp dead or alive what would it be?
A. Sheepwalk Mirror

Q. Off the shelf hookbait or homemade special?
A. Bit of both

Q. Big windswept pits or small intimate waters?
A. Big, wild pits

Q. Spring or Autumn?
A. Spring

Q. Favourite Sticky Baits product?
A. Krill boilies!! A genuine game changer!

Q. Pop-ups or bottom baits?
A. 50/50

Q. Favourite moon phase?
A. Full with low pressure, wind and light rain!

Q. Three things you wouldn’t go fishing without?
A. JAG kit / mozzy mesh / polaroidss

Q. As a younger angler who did you admire in the carp angling world and why?
A. Rob Maylin because I was brought up on his books and he proved that you shouldn’t take yourself or the fishing too seriously; it should be fun!