9th December 2020

Anthony House shares his incredible results taken on the Krill Active throughout 2020.

Like most anglers, Anthony House was looking forward to getting back to his fishing after the first Lockdown, and when he finally got the green light, he wasted no time at all. Armed with a new bait, his year started with a bang!

These pastel coloured hookbaits are ideal for wary carp and offer a perfect blend of both instant and prolonged attraction thanks to a unique blend of liquid flavours and powdered fruit palatants.

Anthony explains:

“With the first UK Lockdown easing and fishing getting the green light, I was very keen to get out, this also marked the start of me using The Krill Active.  Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would be that much different from the standard Krill boilie. Well, let me tell you, how wrong was I.

“My first few sessions back were on my local syndicate, which at the time was fishing very hard. I think this was due to horrendous winter weather, it had flooded several times over the winter months, and something wasn’t quite right with the lake, it seemed lifeless, nothing was coming out and hardly any fish were showing. Regardless, I decided to give it a go anyway and try out the new bait.

“A few sessions later and things started to come together, and I was extremely pleased with the new bait. The results spoke for themselves; I racked up a few upper-thirties and a nice 41-pounder to my name when the lake wasn’t fishing at all well, this really filled me with confidence in the Krill Active.

“My next stop was my Cambridgeshire syndicate, now this large pit is home to some of the biggest carp in the UK, and the fish really do love a bit of bait in there. I was in no doubt that I had an edge in my bag and the Krill Active would hit the ground running on there too.

“I was using the Pure Calanus Liquid and the new Mulbz pop-ups as well. Knowing the fish in there, I decided to use a fair bit of bait, starting with several kilos of crumbed Krill and to this I added the Pure Calanus Liquid, allowing the crumb to soak in the liquid, before adding plenty of whole Krill Active boilies.

“My rigs were simple snowman setups incorporating a Krill Tuff One with a Mulbz Pop-Up nailed on the top. As I mentioned previously, the lake contains some very large fish, but it also contains some amazing looking scaly ones too. I was very fortunate enough to catch a few on the way. I really enjoyed my time over on the big pit and was lucky enough to cap it off with an incredible, scaly 42-pounder.

“All in all, I’ve had an amazing season using the Krill Active and it was topped off by a new personal best, a carp that spun the dial to over 50llb, on my first trip to a new syndicate, so as you can imagine I was over the moon.

“We all know, it’s luck what picks your bait up, but it certainly helps when you’re fishing with something the carp love… for me, it’s confidence in a bag.”