26th March 2021

A few hours on Majestic Pool in East Yorkshire, turned into a memorable session for Dave Armstrong, one he definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

Just like everyone else, Dave Armstrong has been making the most of a few day-light hours on the lake. On this particular occasion, whilst doing some maintenance work on the lake, he saw an opportunity just too good to miss – it can’t be all work and no play.

Carp find their food by detecting amino acids in the water and this bait pumps them out like nothing else on the market.

Dave explains:

“Having spent a few weekends working on Majestic Pool in East Yorkshire, I was able to do my homework and keep a lookout for any action within the lake. I noticed a lot of the bigger residents making an appearance, the carp seemed to be holding up in one area and looked very catchable.

“With that in mind, it was too much to resist and in order to keep them in the area, I decided to give them a hit of bait over the weekend. After having previous success using The Krill Active on this particular venue, a mix of both 12 & 16mm boilies seemed to be the best choice to pre-bait with.

“I was back at the lake on Tuesday morning to continue with maintenance work. I knew I needed to be up early in order to make first light and to see if my pre-baiting method had paid off.

“I had a couple of spare hours before work commenced so I did everything to make the most of the opportunity. Before casting out, I flicked twenty Krill Active boilies over to the spot. I made the decision to fish with just two rods in order to save time. With both rods positioned either side of the pre-baited spot, with a Krill Pop-Up on each rig, I didn’t have to wait very long until the action started. After just an hour, a rod ripped off and I was into a fish. Just a short battle later, I slipped the net under a mega carp which I recognised as ‘The Long Fish’ – what a start to a session!

“With the carp now resting in the net, I decided not to recast the rod as I had a feeling the fish had moved in and were on the bait; taking the risk of disturbing them was not an option. This worked in my favour as twenty-minutes later my other rod was away. At first sight, I could see it was another good fish and would definitely hit the 30lb mark.

“Whilst letting both fish rested in the net, I quickly got my rods back out there with the hope of more success and the possibility of landing a third. With the rods back out, I set about sorting the two resting mirrors. On the scales, ‘The Long Fish’ went 31lb 4oz and the second fish, known as ‘Big Trev’, spun the scales to a new top weight of 35lb 6oz – I knew this was going to be a session to remember!

“Just before packing up the rods, I unexpectedly landed another mega mirror at a weight of 28lb. Just a couple of hours of fishing before work turned out to be one of my most memorable sessions ever!”