A Fruitful Return

6th April 2020

Michael Rowlands returns to the lake with a bang after a break away over the Winter months, banking 8 fish including a couple of mega looking ones.

Many anglers either retire their carp rods altogether over the Winter months or dedicate their angling to just the warmer day sessions, with Michael Rowland been one of the retirees you can understand how keen he was to get back down the lake once the temperature had crept up and the hours of light increased.

I went in with about 3 kilos of mixed Bloodworm products and then over the top I would present 14mm Signature fruit pop-ups for attraction.

This heightened enthusiasm often plays a part in putting the extra effort in leading to a successful return, so we’ll let Michael take it from here:

“After having a break from angling over the Winter months I arrived at the lake around midday so as you can imagine I was rather eager to get the boots on and have a good look around the lake to try and get back in tune with it. For the first time it felt like spring and I was confident that I would see a few fish or signs of them somewhere, but after walking round for a couple of hours and was a bit disheartened because I hadn’t seen a thing let alone an actual carp.

“Luckily though after speaking to a few people it was apparent that an area had done a few fish in the past couple of weeks and a swim I had done well previously from last Autumn wasn’t too far away so that’s where I decided to set up.

“First port of call was the leading rod and after a cast about over one of my known spots it was still nice and clean, a gravel area at 80 yards which is easily big enough to present three rigs onto so that was my plan of action. I went in with about 3 kilos of mixed size Bloodworm Pellets, Bloodworm Active Mix and corn with a good helping of Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid to finish and then over the top I would present 14mm Signature Pop-Ups.

“A Few hours after dark the fish came alive crashing out in the darkness, it was obvious I had made the right choice of swim, so I lay there with my confidence of a bite high. I didn’t have to wait long before the first rod was away landing a nice mirror around the 20lb mark and by first light I only had the one rod left on the spot after landing another two in quick succession. Just as I was getting one of the other rods ready the final rod was away which turned out to be a lovely looking 26lb linear.

“The rest of the day was quiet so with my thinking been of that they are clearly feeding during the hours of darkness and early morning, I repeated what I had done the day before and put another 3 kilos of the mix onto the spot.

“The second night played out the same as the first, just after dark the fish were showing themselves again with the bites coming shortly afterwards. I managed to land another four fish through the night the best one being an impressive looking 33lb mirror! A fish I had seen on the bank a few years previous and one I was hoping to catch myself one day.

“As the morning went on the fish stopped showing and I felt my chance of more action had faded away, so with rain due I got the gear packed down and made the long journey home with a smile on my face knowing my first session of the year couldn’t have gone any better.

“Fingers crossed the rest of the season goes the same way.”