20th September 2021

Gavin Campbell banks a brace of forties just feet from the bank on a large, deep sailing pit, using The Krill Active boilies!

Large lakes often come with a pretence of fishing at long range and if you can fish further than everyone else, you often catch more. However, these types of venues often see the margins completely left alone, and as such the fish treat them as a safe haven. Wanting to go against the grain, following a series of captures at long range, Gavin Campbell decided to try a more up close and personal way of fishing, a method he prefers. It was a decision that would prove pivotal in his pursuit of the lake’s largest resident.

Carp find their food by detecting amino acids in the water and this bait pumps them out like nothing else on the market.

Gavin explains:

“In the past four-weeks or so I’ve had a bit of a result from the lake I have been fishing. It’s a busy sailing pit of around 50-acres and is extremely deep, with depths maxing out of 50ft. Some of the swims on the pit demand fishing at range, and as most will know this is not an easy task. Although I’ve caught a fair few fish from the lake fishing at 150-yards plus, it really isn’t what I enjoy doing. So, with this in mind, I started looking around the sailing club end, more specifically around and under the pontoons. These areas have had very little attention all year due to the fact you can’t fish them while the sailings clubs are open. I felt these were prime for a bit of attention, so a plan was formed, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

“I caught a couple of small commons on the very first morning I fished it and found they all came to one rod, which was positioned closest to the pontoon. I started baiting the area with Krill Active boilies and with the aid of my aqua scope, I could actually see the bottom in 18ft, straight off the pontoon, which meant I could check to see how much bait they wanted.

“With everything going to plan, it wasn’t long before I managed one of the real gems of the lake in the shape of a 40lb 10oz leather, a fish I was blow away with. After that I noticed the fish had stopped using the area as much. So, I baited lightly and more importantly, refrained from fishing the area hoping that the fish would gain confidence once again.

“After a couple of weeks baiting up and just watching the area, things started to look prime again, and on one particular trip I saw the lakes ‘big un’ glide under the pontoon! That was it, I just had to have another go.

“I couldn’t actually get down for two more nights, so with that in mind, I gave the spot a big hit of bait, hoping that the big old mirror would make use of it. I arrived late, well into dark in fact and walked the rod up the pontoon and simply lowered my Krill cork ball onto the spot, followed by a handful of whole and chopped Krill Active. Once the rod was out, I was knackered, so I just crashed for the night.

“The night itself passed quietly, but just before first light the rod was away! I ran up the pontoon to get above the fish as quickly as possible, the fight was electric! At first, the fish popped straight to the surface, only then to dive down in the 18ft of water. The power was immense, and it repeated this a few times over the next few minutes.

“Eventually, I got the upper hand and bundled it into the net. There was no mistaking which carp it was, she was finally mine.  She’s a very old fish and one that’s been about for ages and in a way the weight honestly didn’t matter. For the record she tipped the scales to a massive, 47lb 8oz, a truly incredible carp and one I won’t forget in a hurry.”