Made using a blend of liquid food products, fenugreek, pure maple extract and a potent fish protein extract, this thick, sticky liquid really clings to the bait. Any hookbaits that are left to soak in Vor-Tex+ Glug are given a real boost of attraction, which releases constantly over a prolonged period of time.

No synthetic chemicals or flavours are added, Vor-Tex+ Glug is 100% natural and cannot be overused. Add freely to bottom baits or hookbaits to add a layer of super soluble attraction for carp to home in on.

Vor-Tex+ Glug is designed to be used with the items in the Vor-Tex+ range, however it can be added to any mix you wish for an added boost of attraction.


“Sometimes standard bottom baits are my hookbait of choice, I still like them to stand out from my freebies, so I tend to glug a small amount of shelf life baits to use when I like. The lovely maple aroma from Vortex+ screams carp, it is one of the best flavours out there in my opinion.”

  • PVA

  • Fishmeal

  • Highly

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Bloodworm Pellets

Made famous by the revered Underwater DVDs, the Bloodworm Pellets are still just as effective today as they were all those years ago.

Manilla Active Mix

As the name suggests, Manilla Active Mix is a highly attractive groundbait which becomes incredibly active once submersed in water.

Manilla Pellets

Designed to complement the boilie range, Manilla Pellets undergo a two-staged coating process ensuring they are constantly leaking attraction.

Vor-Tex+ Shelf Life

A traditional combination of fenugreek and pure maple extract make the Vor-Tex range one of the best instant, all-season baits around.

Vor-Tex+ Freezer

The classic flavour profile combined with a nutritionally perfect base mix lends the finished baits to short sessions and campaigns alike.

Vor-Tex+ Pop-Ups

Designed to replicate our outstanding Vor-Tex boilies, these pop-ups have been designed to be very user friendly and buoyant.