A traditional combination of fenugreek and pure maple extract make the Vor-Tex+ range one of the best instant, all-season baits around. The classic flavour profile combined with a nutritionally perfect base mix lends the finished baits to short sessions and campaigns alike.

Ever since the release in 2011, Vor-Tex+ has not only proven to be a great carp catcher but has established itself as a big fish bait. This incredible success can be put down to complex matrix of ingredients used within the finished baits.

Vor-Tex+ contains only the finest and most digestible forms of soluble proteins available, with pre-digested fishmeal, refined milk proteins and krill meal all contained within each boilie. The mix is further enhanced with a combination of slow and fast release energy sources, along with a perfect concoction of vitamins and minerals.

As a result, Vor-Tex+ is a very desirable food source, which not only shows instant effect, but also continues to get better over time. It is a proven big fish catcher, which isn’t just limited to carp either!


“I have used Vortex+ for so many years, and I just keep coming back to it. It is one of the most nutritionally complete baits on the market, yet it goes under the radar. If you are looking for a bait which will catch you fish, but isn’t used by the masses, then you don’t have to look any further than the Vortex+ range.”

  • Fishmeal

  • Needle

  • Bottom

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Liquid Foods Liquid Liver

Liquid Liver is packed with amino acids, which are well known to trigger an instant and prolonged feeding response from a multitude of coarse fish species.

Liquid Foods Pure Hemp Oil

Derived from one of the best carp baits around, Pure Hemp Oil is recognised as the principle attractor of hempseed itself.

Liquid Foods Fish Sauce Bait Soak

This completely natural liquid is formed from fermented anchovies along with added salt and sugar, which produces a seriously pungent finished product.

Vor-Tex+ Glug

Any hookbaits that are left to soak in Vor-Tex Glug are given a real boost of attraction, which releases constantly over a prolonged period of time.

Vor-Tex+ Pop-Ups

Designed to replicate our outstanding Vor-Tex boilies, these pop-ups have been designed to be very user friendly and buoyant.

Vor-Tex+ Shelf Life

A traditional combination of fenugreek and pure maple extract make the Vor-Tex range one of the best instant, all-season baits around.