Vor-Tex+ Freezer Bait

This all season bait utilises a true-classic attractor combination in the shape of fenugreek and pure maple extract. We believe this 100% natural attractor package is what makes the Vor-Tex Freezer Boilies so unique as both a short and long term bait.

Since their release in 2011, the results on the Vor-Tex Boilies have been astonishing. Not only has it proved a consistent carp catcher, it has found a devout following on the big carp scene after leading to the downfall of some of the countries most prestigious carp.

It is the complex matrix of ingredients that lie within the bait that make it so effective, incorporating only the finest highly digestible protein sources in the form of low-temperature and pre-digested fishmeal, refined milk proteins and krill meal, to name but a few. The mix is then enhanced, by the inclusion of fast and slow releasing energy sources and assorted naturally sourced vitamins and minerals.

By creating and offering such a desirable food source with an instant attraction we have created a bait that not only works instantly on any venue, but continues to get better over time. Whether you are fishing for a big head of doubles on a local day-ticket lake or targeting the biggest carp in the land from the hardest of venues, Vor-Tex Freezer Boilies is the bait for you.

Vort-Tex Freezer Boilies are available in 16mm and 20mm, in 5kg bags.

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