Sourced from the purest Pacific tuna, this ultra-soluble tuna hydrolysate is rich in super attractive amino acids akin to those found in the old school L-Zero 30.

As a result of the hydrolysis, this liquid is very low in fat, which makes it ideal for year-round use. The highly digestible and soluble proteins found within are the prefect food source for carp. High levels of free amino acids also make Pure Tuna Liquid one of the most attractive liquids in our range.

Versatility is Pure Tuna’s middle name, add it to anything you like to give an extra dimension to your freebies or hookbaits.

Key Features
Rich in attractive amino acids
Totally raw, fresh product
Packed with soluble, digestible proteins
Perfect for glugging baits or adding to PVA stick and spod mixes


“It’s a super-rich, very potent, highly digestible and very attractive liquid, which is extracted from tuna, but in a raw format. It’s very high in amino acids, the profile of this is off the scale on paper, it’s absolutely astonishing, and despite this it is very lean and is extremely low in fat, meaning you can use it all year round.”

  • PVA

  • Highly

  • High in
    Amino Acids

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Liquid Foods Liquid Liver

Liquid Liver is packed with amino acids, which are well known to trigger an instant and prolonged feeding response from a multitude of coarse fish species.

The Krill Freezer

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Liquid Foods Fish Sauce Bait Soak

This completely natural liquid is formed from fermented anchovies along with added salt and sugar, which produces a seriously pungent finished product.

Liquid Foods Pure Hemp Oil

Derived from one of the best carp baits around, Pure Hemp Oil is recognised as the principle attractor of hempseed itself.

Liquid Foods L-ZERO-30-T

Due to the natural makeup of the L-Zero-30-T, it cannot be overdone in any application and can be used to add a different level of super soluble attraction.


Pure Tuna Liquid is relatively new on the scene, it’s a super-rich, very potent, highly digestible and very attractive liquid. Which as the name suggests is extracted from Tuna, in a totally raw format. Adam Penning runs us through what makes this liquid so special and some of his favourite ways to use it in the colder months.