Overnight Magic
16th November 2017

A late arrival to a Suffolk syndicate didn’t stop Lee Wheeler getting amongst the lakes A-Team during a recent overnighter.

Lee explains; “I arrived at the lake later than anticipated, due to heavy traffic. I expected to turn up and find most of the decent swims had gone. Fortunately for me, this was not one of those days, as only 5-anglers were on the lake.

A very clear sky had brought cold conditions and the car was saying 3 degrees upon arrival. I walked a lap of the lake to see the whereabouts of other anglers and to see if I could find a swim I wanted to fish.

Although the wind was blowing a southwesterly, it was bitterly cold, which led me to settle on a swim that was on the back of the wind. By this point it was 8:30pm, so I quickly made my way back to the car as I was eager to get set up.

Once back in the swim, the essentials were set up and I had a quick flick around with a bare lead and soon found a couple of areas that I was happy with. These were silty spots away from the gravel, and going from past autumns/winters, I knew carp favoured these areas in the colder months.

With the spots found, I tied up two fresh Stiff Rigs and fished balanced Manilla White Ones as hook baits. A couple of casts and a spread of around 100-Manilla boilies over each rod, I was angling. The freebies were ‘heat-treated’, using hot water and Cloudy Manilla Liquid.

With everything done, it was time to get some tea cooked and then get my head down after a busy day at work. All was quiet until, 5:45am when I received a bite on the right-hand rod; at first I wasn’t sure whether it was a bream or a carp. It soon became apparent as the rod arched over that it was a carp and it began to strip line off the clutch! It wasn’t no bream!!

After a short, but savage battle the carp was in the net. I staked the net out in the margins and went back to the brolly to grab my head torch. Back at the net, I peered down to see my prize and straight away I knew which carp it was. A fish known as ‘Y Scale’ a fish that was very high on my wanted list!

With the carp un-hooked, I safely sacked her up for a short while and made a couple of phone calls to get a couple of mates down to do shots at first light. On the scales, she weighed 37lb and in the early morning light we got some quality shots before returning her safely to the depths of which she came. What a mega November result, I’m buzzing!”


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Overnight Magic

A late arrival to a Suffolk syndicate didn’t stop Lee Wheeler getting amongst the lakes A-Team.

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