10th October 2019

Alex West lands one of the UK’s finest carp at 51lb 6oz!

Alex West spent 48-hours over at Dinton’s White Swan a few days ago and came up trumps with arguably one of the UK’s best-looking carp, the impressive “Triple Row” at an even more impressive weight of 51lb 6oz!

A 48 hour session paid off when the UK's best looking carp was in the net!

After coming across bubbling on an area he’d seen some activity in previously he decided it was a good area to start with, so flicked just a 12mm The Krill Freezer bottom bait onto the nice clean bottom with a small bucket of Bloodworm Pellets mixed with hemp and The Krill Powder over the top.

It was then just a case of playing the waiting game for the fish to return, but little did he know what would turn up!