Near 60lb Brute

20th May 2019

Perseverance is key when targeting your dream!

We all have that one fish, in that specific lake, that we so desperately want to catch, but sometimes we just don’t realise how much effort and perseverance it is going to take to get that fish!

However, sometimes it just takes that slight change of circumstances or “luck” as it is often referred to, to get that bite you desperately wanted.

Sam Verstreken felt like everything was going against him on his recent hunt for a special near 60lb fish, he was targeting. But it just took that moment of fortune after he thought his chance had gone to get the bite he had hoped for!

This is what he had to say: In the beginning of this year I made plans to chase a big beautiful (almost linear) mirror that lives in an extremely low stock public venue. This venue is known to be difficult because there’s only a handful of fish, therefore tricky to find them. 

It started off pretty bad on my first trip down as I experienced a big storm which resulted in my bivvy being blowing away multiple times and damaged almost beyond repair. 

Apart from some useful information and a few bream, it was not really a success.  

The second trip a few weeks later ended abruptly when on the first night I got a visit from the local authorities, with the message that it was not allowed to fish there at night. I had to leave immediately and a fine was issued.

At this point I was starting to believe that this venue was bringing me a bit of bad luck. But ever since I saw this beautiful mirror, I knew I would try anything to catch it and quitting was not an option.

A few weeks later I went back and I arrived in the early morning to fish a swim where I expected something could happen. After a few hours without seeing anything it was starting to sink in that it was pointless fishing a random swim, the stock is so low on there and the chance that you’re fishing an empty area is very likely. So I decided to pack up and with the nice spring sun shining, started searching for any signs of carp. 

This however was not an easy task, but after hours of searching with no sightings and a tad sunburnt, I got lucky. I saw a fish swimming and after looking closer I realised he was not alone. 

With other anglers only a few hundred meters away I acted like nothing happened and after being out of sight of the anglers I chased down to the car and started to search a way to reach the spot where I spotted the fish. This was a bit of a task because it was quite a long distance and not easy to reach. Once I arrived on the spot, I saw that there was still some fish about. 

I managed to put one rod out only a few meters from the fish and I was quite confident that something was going to happen. 

However, after an hour a few locals on a boat destroyed my chances by making a lot of noise meaning the fish spooked off. That night as I reeled in the rods, I was thinking that my big chance of catching anything was gone and, knowing this venue, it was going to be really difficult to get another chance. 

The next morning I awoke just before the first light and placed my rods on the spot where I had seen the fish the day before. I had a few hours before I had to leave so was hopeful rather than confident. A few hours later, out of the blue and totally unexpected, I had a screaming take. 

A few minutes into the fight I saw that my line was going straight down but the fish was already 50 meters away, it’s then that I realised that my line was stuck on something on the bottom. After numerous attempts to get it free there was only one option left, I had to dive in to the water to free the line from the bottom. This was rather difficult and after a few attempts I managed to free the line. After fifteen minutes  and a tough fight, I got my first glimpse of the fish! Seeing it was the big linear I went totally out of my mind and soaking wet I tried to stay calm and compose myself. 

I was able to net it at the first attempt, a really epic moment. It was then when I opened the net for the first time that I realised how big and beautiful this fish really was. 

A new PB at 59lb15oz for myself and a truly epic moment in my fishing that I will never forget!!

To tempt the bite, Sam used a snowman presentation with a Krill 20mm Tuff One, topped with a trimmed down peach and pepper pop-up, over lightly baiting the area with mixed Manilla boilies.


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