OCCUPATION: Professional angler and writer

Martin Bowler is one of the leading all-round anglers. From roach to sharks, he fishes for pretty much anything which swims in the British Isles.

Since joining Sticky, Martin has had some incredible catches, including carp to over 40lb, and even uses our products to help in his pike fishing, catching a brace of 30lb pike using Pure Krill Liquid.

He has a regular slot in Angling Times, where you can follow his angling exploits while fishing for a variety of species. He is also a published author and film producer.

44lb 4oz


Q. Favourite venue past and present?
A. For carp fishing I loved my time as a teenager at Elstow where firework and bonfires were as important as catching!!!!! I also adored my time at another pit in the same area catching some huge fish but unfortunately the whole stock was recently wiped out by blue green algae. So currently I guess Milton Abbas is my favourite carp venue and for other species the river Wye.

Q. If you could catch one carp dead or alive what would it be?
A. I don’t and never have targeted an individual fish as my job doesn’t allow for such an obsession. That said leathers are my favourite strain so I guess I would pick ‘Heather’.

Q. Off the shelf hookbait or homemade special?
A. Why bother when Sticky does a superb job for me.

Q. Big windswept pits or small intimate waters?
A. An open big pit with white-capped waves, foam in the margin and a band of coloured water.

Q. Spring or Autumn?
A. Spring – too many fish, too little time.

Q. Favourite Sticky Baits product?
A. The Krill!

Q. Pop-ups or bottom baits?
A. Bottom bait

Q. Favourite moon phase?
A. I just go

Q. Three things you wouldn’t go fishing without?
A. Rod / reel / line / hook (I need 4 – sorry!)

Q. As a younger angler who did you admire in the carp angling world and why?
A. Rod Hutchinson – I loved his stories and not only did it inspire me to fish but also to try to tell a good tale in my own books and articles.