Oxlease Lake

Considered the little gem of the complex, Oxlease Lake is primed to become a hotspot for big carp. With a recent stocking, linear believes the lake holds over 1600 carp, with at least sixty different 30lb fish.
Linear believes that Oxlease Lake could potentially have more thirties and forties present than iconic St. Johns and Manor combined in a few years time!
Map details sourced in association with Carp Feed.


FISHERY: Linear Fisheries
LAKE SIZE: 26 acres
STOCK: Over 1600 carp, over sixty 30lb+, at least two 40lb+, and one common at 52lb
LAKE RECORD: Mirror Carp – 45lb 4oz
Common Carp – 52lb 14oz
OTHER SPECIES: Pike, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Chub, Perch
PRICE: 2 Rods – 12 hours – £15.50
3 Rods – 12 hours – £18.50
2 Rods – 24 hours – £23
3 Rods – 24 hours – £29
WEBSITE: www.linear-fisheries.co.uk
CONTACT: Ian Roper – Head Bailiff
07885 327708 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm)



Solid Bags

Solid bags play a vital role in my approach to Oxlease, a combination of mixed sized Bloodworm Pellets and Krill Powder has helped me catch all throughout the year.


One Bite At A Time

Oxlease can be moody at times, so with that in mind, I tend to bait up as I see it, starting off with 10 spombs then topping it up as the session goes on. The fish move around a lot, so if I only bait up fishing for a bite at a time, I don’t feel committed to the swim and can move swims if needs be.



In the warmer months the fish love the floaters, they’re often seen in big Shoals and can be very catchable.


Winter Tactics

Oxlease can fish very well in the colder months! Obviously, location is key, but if you’re willing keep active with zigs, changing hookbait colours, recasting and altering the depths of your rigs, you can turn a bleak day into a productive one.


  1. Cars must be parked in designated car parks.
  2. No driving or parking on the grass around any of the lakes.
  3. Barbed or Barbless hooks may be uses.
  4. Fish are not to be retained for long more than 30 minutes, sacks are not permitted.
  5. No boats, drones, bait boats, radios, guns, fires, picnics, swimming, drugs or heavy drinking.
  6. No dogs unless on a lead and under control.
  7. All particles must be well soaked, well cooked and used in moderation and spodding maggots is no longer allowed, however they can be used in PVA bags or feeders but anglers should not be using more than 4 pints per day.
  8. All Spombs are to be used in conjunction with a ‘Spomb Float’.
  9. Fixed leads are not allowed, rigs will be checked by our bailiffs.
  10. Unhooking mats to be used for all fish.
  11. Wading is not allowed, except in the event of netting and or releasing a fish in shallow water.
  12. If doubling up in a swim you can only use two rods each unless you’re in one of the handful of large swims dotted around the complex.



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