OCCUPATION: Marketing and media manager for Sticky Baits

Dan Wildbore began as a match angler, and as he got older, he began to fish for carp exclusively. He grew up fishing with his brother Jake, and they targeted a few of the busy day ticket lakes around Oxfordshire.

Linear Fisheries and Horseshoe Lake were the favoured places, and Dan caught some lovely fish too. Since then, he has fished a number of syndicate and day ticket waters, often choosing to fish the well-stocked lakes to suit the limited time he has.


Toe Jam – 41lb 14oz


Pin Head – 41lb 6oz


Q. Favourite venue past and present?
A. Elstow Pit One

Q. If you could catch one carp dead or alive what would it be?
A. Mary’s Mate

Q. Off the shelf hookbait or homemade special?
A. Off the Shelf

Q. Big windswept pits or small intimate waters?
A. Big pits

Q. Spring or Autumn?
A. Autumn

Q. Favourite Sticky Baits product?
A. The Krill Boilie

Q. Pop-ups or bottom baits?
A. Balanced

Q. Favourite moon phase?
A. Varies

Q. Three things you wouldn’t go fishing without?
A. Charger / PVA / Stove

Q. As a younger angler who did you admire in the carp angling world and why?
A. Growing up Terry Hearn was the man and arguably still is. His passion attitude to carp fishing was what inspired me, watching Tel and Jacko go carp fishing on a weekly basis growing up.

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