17th April 2019

Adam Penning speaks about his amazing winter campaign, which saw him land an incredible 79 fish from three different venues!

The Winter months are now well and truly behind us, well, that is the hope at least! It can be a tricky time of year though, so most anglers are glad to see the back of the cold weather come April and the arrival of Spring. However, if you had caught 79 carp across three different venues, you surely wouldn’t want the winter to end? This is exactly what Sticky consultant Adam Penning managed to achieve. Of course, his winter was capped off by the incredible 42lb common he landed last month, but that was just one of many amazing carp he notched up between November and March.

Every fish fell for exactly the same tactics. A bed of Manilla crumb, Bloodworm Pellets and maggots.

One of Adam’s most notable results was the capture of 17 fish from the highly-pressured Fryerning Valley Lake. Speaking of his success, Adam revealed: “I decided to target the Valley Lake at Fryerning as a sort of mini campaign between chasing the big Essex common and renewing a mission in Cambridgeshire. It was going to be a tough task; the were just three fish out from Christmas to when I started fishing there in the early part of March.

“Thankfully, my tactics paid off in great style, and by the time I finished my third and final session of the campaign, I had landed 17 fish. None of them were incredibly big, but what they lacked in size, they made up for with their looks. There were some absolute stunners amongst the fish I landed!

“Every fish fell for exactly the same tactics. A bed of Manilla crumb, Bloodworm Pellets and maggots. I have found this highly digestible mix to be very successful as the fish start to wake up in late winter. Hookbait wise, I went in with a trimmed down Manilla Wafter, which matched my feed perfectly.

“Spring is now very much here, and I am now ready for what is without doubt a big fish drought incoming as my serious fishing takes shape. However you just never quite know, hopefully, I won’t struggle too much!”